Basement lowering and underpinning

If you have a basement with low headroom or even a crawlspace, we can turn that underused space into a bright, dry and useable space with good headroom. We can install new windows or enlarge your existing ones to bring daylight and air into your new bedrooms, recreation room or home theater. We can even install specialty window wells to provide easy egress for bedrooms in case of emergency. We will take your project to a new concrete floor stage, including any required utility (water, sewer, HVAC and electrical relocation) work and installation or relocation of steel beams. At that point you will have dry, usable basement space. If you wish to finish your new basement space you can complete the finishing work on your own or with any contractor of your choice. We can recommend trusted contractors who perform quality workmanship at a fair price. We can provide building permits if required. All our workmanship and materials meet or exceed the requirement of the Ontario building code. We are experienced in working closely with city building inspectors or engineers as the situation requires. We can even contract engineering services if your project requires it.