Foundation repair & waterproofing

We understand that a leaking basement is a frustrating, aggravating and downright unpleasant experience. We know that most people don’t really want to spend their hard earned dollars fixing a basement leak, but we also know that basement leaks typically don’t stop on their own. Because of this, we are committed to the utmost integrity when it comes to fixing your leaking basement. If we believe that a simple surface drainage adjustment or downspout relocation will resolve your problem, we will tell you so. We will not perform an expensive basement repair if it is not really needed. If you do require a repair, we offer both outside and inside methods, depending on the situation. We offer these repairs at a competitive price, and perform excellent workmanship. We have invested in specialty equipment to make your exterior dig as quick, clean and efficient as possible. No other waterproofing company offers this service. On most repairs we remove all the excavated material and replace it with granular backfill and quality topsoil, and we do this for the same price others charge to backfill with native, unsuitable material. In 15 years in business we have repaired dozens of basements that were already “repaired” by other companies. We have repaired hundreds of basements and have NEVER had a foundation wall we repaired leak again. When we repair your leaky basement, it is fixed for good. We can provide building permits if they are required or you request them. All our workmanship and materials meet or exceed the requirement of the Ontario building code. We are experienced in working closely with city building inspectors or engineers as the situation requires. We can even contract engineering services if your project requires it.